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Iacopo Capone-Doumas is a Greek, Italian ocean-loving surfing and sailing enthusiast. Iacopo’s love for design ignited his inspiration and curiosity to reinvent women’s flat sandals by perfecting the classic elegant Mediterranean flats to follow women across their daily life.

As a citizen of the World, Iacopo recalls a summertime in Malibu CA noticing women wearing Greek sandals that were compromised in design, quality and price. He then realised there was a gap in the market for sandal focused brands. Brands focusing exclusively on high-quality flat sandals with elegant designs and accessible pricing.

For Iacopo, this realisation became a shoemaking idea and eventually, he incorporated attributes of simplicity and elegance in his designs. This awareness was when he developed an appreciation for traditional high-quality shoe crafts in combination with timeless designs for the modern era.


Born in Athens - a rebel beach boy since his early years, Iacopo grew up in the coastline of Athens, Greece chasing wind and waves. His curiosity about life led him to travel the world and become immersed in cultures and their desires from a young age.

After achieving his Bachelors of Marine Composites Technology in the U.K., he then moved to Milan to obtain his Master of Arts from a prestigious leading Italian design school, Domus Academy.

Following his passion for art & design, Iacopo went on to work in Milan, New York City and Los Angeles, where he concentrated on design exhibitions and design consultancy.
Now Iacopo is the founder and creative mind behind Dear Ride, Sappho Sandals and Aplo Clothing.


Reflected by his recklessly independent personality, his shoes celebrate minimalism and charisma. Inspired by his Mediterranean origins, he takes traditions of Italian design to craft the perfect all-day all occasions flat sandals that women need.

Partnered with the best Italian leather manufacturers in Tuscany while handcrafted in Athens, Greece, SAPPHO Sandals aims to develop a timeless and simplistic shoe.

Gliding from the daybed with sun-kissed skin to the rooftop terrace, while still feeling elegant has never been so effortless. Iacopo has perfected luxurious, simplicity with his handcrafted Greek sandals.


It’s simple. Iacopo believes women deserve the best, and they should feel empowered every day. He dreams of bringing them together and inspiring them to be strong, prosperous and independent. Iacopo has a deep passion for delivering the most beautiful and comfortable Greek sandals, crafted from the finest materials.

Whether you’re wearing your SAPPHO Sandals all day in the office, or enjoying a delicious lunch on a cobbled sunny street with friends, Iacopo reinforces his promise that there is no compromising on beauty and quality.
Your simple choice for every outfit and every occasion.


The most delicate parts of SAPPHO Sandals are purposely sourced from Tuscany’s finest leather suppliers in S.Croce sull’Arno near Florence. The absolute cradle of a great leather manufacturing tradition in Italy.

Handcrafted in Athens, Greece from traditional local artisans means we cannot help but fall in love with SAPPHO’s sartorial brand.

SAPPHO Sandals tells a story that will make you feel embodied, connected and inspired.
Iacopo says from his soul, ' Women deserve the best '.


Iacopo’s passion for surfing and contemporary design Ied him to create Dear Ride artworks. He designs exclusive surfboards in forms of sculptures to convey in an elegant and modern way the unique feeling of surfing in the contemporary interiors.

Following his life and design principles of simplicity, high quality and usefulness he always aspires to create meaningful, convenient and pleasing products. Thus Iacopo has also created APLO Tees, sharing his principles to men’s apparel industry as well.

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