Our Story

Mediterranean Elegance

The gorgeous sandal behind Sappho. How it all started. 

Iacopo Capone-Doumas is a Greek – Italian ocean lover - surfing and sailing addict and designer.
Sappho – was inspired out of his curiosity to reinvent women’s flat sandals by perfecting the classic elegant Mediterranean flats to follow women across their daily life.
As a citizen of the world, Iacopo recalls a summer time in Malibu CA watching women on the streets wearing flat sandals that were compromised in design, quality and price. He then realized there was indeed a market gap about sandals focused brands – brands focusing exclusively in high quality sandals with elegant designs in accessible pricing. For Iacopo, this realization became a shoemaking idea and eventually he incorporated attributes of simplicity and elegance in his designs. This is when he developed an appreciation for traditional high quality shoe crafts in combination with timeless designs for the modern era. 

The Man behind The Sappho Shoe. Elegant and Timeless.

Born in Athens - a rebel beach boy since his early years, Iacopo grew up in the coastline of Athens Greece chasing wind and waves. His curiosity about life led him travel the world and get immersed into cultures and their desires from a young age. After getting his Bachelors in the U.K. he then moved to Milan to get his Master of Arts from prestigious leading Italian design school Domus Academy. Following his passion for art & design Iacopo went on to work in Milan, New York City and Los Angeles, where he concentrated on design exhibitions and design consultancy. 

Creating the perfect flat sandal for all women. 

Reflected by his recklessly independent personality, his shoes celebrate minimalism and the sex appeal they convey. Inspired from his Mediterranean origins, he takes traditions of Italian design to craft the perfect all day all occasion's flat sandals that women need. Partnered with the best Italian leather manufacturers in Tuscany Italy while hand crafted in Athens Greece, Sappho aims to develop a timeless and simplistic shoe to follow women around their lives